Sofa Cleaning/Sofa Stain Removal

Sofas are vulnerable to dirt, dust, and surface stains. People eat on the sofa and drop bits of food or drink that can leave stains. Everyday wear and tear, dirty clothing, and dirty feet can cause a sofa to look drab.
Upholstery cleaning is best left to professionals. It is a delicate art. Deeply embedded stains can be removed from leather, wool, and other upholstery materials. A powerful truck mount cleaning system is used. Environmentally friendly solutions that are non-irritant, biodegradable and non-toxic are used. Deodorizing a sofa, removing stains and restoring leather softness are all part of professional sofa maintenance.


General household odors, along with smoking, cooking and pets cause sofas to smell bad. Steam cleaning is used on most sofa fabrics to remove the cause of the odor. Sofa steam cleaning lifts and captures the smells. They are siphoned away with the waste water. A deodorizer neutralizes and eliminates the source of odor. A fresh, clean scent will prevail.

Removing Stains

Oil, cheese, coffee and ink stains are all treated differently. Products have to have the proper pH level needed to be used to remove the stains and protect sofa fibers. Professionals use the latest industry equipment that makes the process more efficient.

Restoring Leather Softness

Leather cleaning is done with the best specialized cleaners available. An inconspicuous part will be tested before using the products on the entire sofa. Water can stain leather sofas. Technicians rely on water as little as possible when cleaning leather sofas.
Steam cleaning, done properly, is the best approach. Products used on leather have waxes and oils similar to saddle soap. While the products clean, they moisturize the sofa and prevent it from cracking or drying out. After cleaning, a conditioner made especially for leather is applied. It softens, restores and protects the leather. Depending on the leather type, the sofa may be buffed. The sofa is protected from future stains and dirt.

Proper Care of Sofas

People who have a sofa maintenance and upkeep regimen will require professional service less often. Surface stains should be cleaned as soon as possible. Fresh stains are easier to lift. Vacuuming sofas once each week is recommended. Dirt and dust are kept to a minimum. Grime is prevented from being ground in. Removable parts should regularly be washed. Replacing them while still slightly damp allows them to conform to the sofa shape while drying.

Professional Procedure

An on-site analysis is done to determine the technique appropriate for cleaning the sofa. Fabric type influences the cleaning method. Before using any products, the sofa is vacuumed to remove as much dust and surface dirt as possible. Choice of attachments is important to prevent material damage. The ideal attachment is a soft brush.

Spot cleaning is then done on the sofa. A cleaning solution is applied that soaks into the fabric to tackle dirt beneath the surface. Professionals need to apply the solution. The amount of water required is minuscule.
The material should not be saturated. Experts also know the best drying process to use on the sofa.

Settling for a drab sofa or buying a new one is unnecessary. Sofas that are professionally cleaned are injected with new life. All leather and upholstered sofas should be cleaned annually by professionals.

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