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Transform Your Ruggable Rug in NYC with Expert Cleaning Services

Keep your Ruggable rug looking fresh and clean in NYC by utilizing professional cleaning services. Ruggable rugs feature a machine-washable cover and a non-slip pad, offering style and convenience. However, deep-seated dirt and stubborn stains often require more than home washing. Professionals in NYC provide thorough cleaning, stain removal, and odor elimination using specialized equipment. Enjoy free pickup and delivery, sparing you the hassle of transportation. This service not only saves you time but also extends your rug’s lifespan, ensuring it stays pristine. Curious about more benefits of professional rug cleaning services? You’ll find all the details below.

About The Ruggable Rug

machine washable stylish area rug

Ruggable rugs offer a revolutionary two-piece system that includes a non-slip pad and a machine-washable rug cover, making home maintenance a breeze. You’ll appreciate the convenience of washing your Ruggable rug at home, eliminating the need for professional cleaning services. The rug cover, crafted from thin polyester with a water-resistant backing, can be easily placed in your washing machine, ensuring a spotless and hygienic home. With nearly 800 design options, there’s a style to suit everyone, even for high-traffic areas or homes with pets. This two-piece rug system seamlessly blends convenience and style, enhancing your living space with ease. Experience the simplicity of cleaning with Ruggable!

Why A Home Owner Would Need A Ruggable Cleaning Service

You might find that home washing your Ruggable rug isn’t always effective at removing deep-seated dirt and stains. Professional cleaning services in NYC offer thorough cleaning that helps maintain your rug’s appearance and longevity. Plus, they save you time and effort, letting you enjoy a spotless home without the hassle.

Ineffectiveness of Home Washing

Home washing machines often fall short when tasked with cleaning large Ruggable rugs, leaving trapped hair and debris behind. Even with the best washing instructions, your machine may not be able to handle the sheer size and weight of a washable rug topper. That’s why relying on professional Ruggable rug cleaners can be essential. They have the right equipment and expertise for cleaning Ruggable rugs effectively, ensuring your removable rug cover looks pristine.

ProblemEmotional Impact
Trapped debrisFrustration and annoyance
Persistent stainsFeelings of inadequacy
Incomplete cleaningGuilt about cleanliness
Time-consumingOverwhelmed and exhausted

Professional Cleaning Benefits

Professional cleaning services provide a deeper, more thorough clean that surpasses what home washing machines can achieve. While Ruggable rugs are designed to be easy to clean, stain-resistant, and water-resistant, professional cleaning offers benefits beyond regular maintenance. Experts use specialized equipment to remove deeply embedded dirt and stains that spot cleaning might miss, ensuring your rug stays fresh and vibrant longer. Additionally, professional cleaners handle the materials with care, preserving the integrity and longevity of your investment. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your rug is in expert hands, making your home feel even more welcoming and connected. Consider professional cleaning for that extra layer of care your Ruggable rug deserves.

Maintenance and Longevity

Regular professional cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of your Ruggable rug, ensuring it remains vibrant and intact even in high-traffic areas. Utilizing a Ruggable cleaning service is essential to maintain your rug’s appearance and prevent issues such as curling edges and shrinking. While regular vacuuming helps, professional care provides a deeper clean and enhances longevity. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Durability: Keeps your rug looking like new for years.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Removes embedded dirt and allergens.
  3. Stain Prevention: Tackles tough stains beyond spot cleaning.
  4. Edge Protection: Prevents curling and fraying.

Opting for professional cleaning not only preserves your rug but also enhances your living space, fostering a sense of pride and community.

Benefits Of Using A Professional

professional services offer advantages

Using a professional rug cleaning service for your Ruggable rugs in NYC comes with several perks. You’ll enjoy free pickup and delivery, making the process hassle-free. Professional cleaners guarantee your rugs are thoroughly cleaned and returned to you looking like new.

Free Ruggable Pickup Service

Save time and hassle with NYC’s free Ruggable pickup service, ensuring your rugs receive the expert care they deserve. By opting for this service, you benefit from professional cleaners who guarantee your rugs are impeccably maintained. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Thorough Cleaning: Experts utilize industry-grade equipment to deep clean your rugs.
  2. Stain Removal: Stubborn stains are addressed with safe and effective solutions.
  3. Odor Elimination: Eliminate unpleasant smells with professional odor removal techniques.
  4. Convenience: Flexible pickup options designed to fit into your busy NYC lifestyle.

This free Ruggable pickup service not only saves you time but also ensures your rugs are treated with care and expertise, providing you peace of mind and a cleaner home.

Free Clean Rug Delivery

Once your rugs are expertly cleaned, we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep, ensuring you effortlessly enjoy the benefits of our professional service. Forget about lugging heavy rugs around or worrying about transport. Our free rug delivery guarantees your clean, fresh rug is returned to you without any hassle. Save time and energy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—enjoying your beautifully maintained home. Plus, professional rug cleaning means your rug will be spotless, smelling great, and free from stubborn stains. This service also provides peace of mind, knowing experts have handled your rug with care. Join countless satisfied customers who trust us for a seamless, stress-free rug cleaning experience.


Opting for professional Ruggable rug cleaning in NYC offers unparalleled convenience for busy homeowners. Say goodbye to the hours spent cleaning and drying rugs at home. Instead, relish the advantages of a professional service that saves you time and effort. Here’s how it works:

  1. Time-Saving: Professionals oversee the entire cleaning process, freeing up your schedule.
  2. Heavy Lifting: Forget about rolling up and transporting bulky rugs; they take care of it.
  3. Thorough Cleaning: Expert cleaning ensures your rugs look pristine and last longer.
  4. Pickup and Delivery: Experience the luxury of hassle-free pickup and delivery right to your doorstep.

This service simplifies home maintenance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Commercial Ruggable Service

durable rugs for business

For NYC businesses, a professional Ruggable rug cleaning service ensures your commercial space stays pristine and inviting. High-traffic areas make your rugs susceptible to stains and wear. A commercial Ruggable service offers deep cleaning, extending the lifespan of your rugs. With Ruggable’s two-piece system, the rug cover is easily removable and machine-washable, ideal for bustling environments. The non-slip pad keeps everything securely in place. This service is perfect for offices, restaurants, and retail spaces where cleanliness is crucial. Additionally, using eco-friendly methods supports sustainable business practices, demonstrating your commitment to a greener planet. Keep your space professional and welcoming for clients and employees alike.

Service Areas

NYC Green Cleaners proudly serves a wide array of vibrant neighborhoods, ensuring your Ruggable rugs remain spotless and fresh no matter where you reside. Whether you’re in the bustling heart of Manhattan or the charming streets of Brooklyn, we’ve got your needs covered.

Our service areas include:

  1. Manhattan: Tribeca, Soho, Sugar Hill, Midtown, Chelsea
  2. Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Brownsville, Farragut, Georgetown
  3. Additional Brooklyn Neighborhoods: Gravesend, Highland Park, Kensington, Madison, Manhattan Beach
  4. Community Favorites: Park Slope, Prospect Heights

We understand the importance of a clean home, and our dedicated team is here to assist. Experience the ease and convenience of our professional Ruggable rug cleaning service in your neighborhood!

Ruggable Cleaning Service Price

ruggable cleaning service cost

Professional Ruggable rug cleaning in New York City costs $150 per rug, offering a comprehensive and hassle-free service. This price includes expert handling, ensuring your rug is meticulously cleaned and cared for. Professional cleaning eliminates deep-seated dirt and stains, which regular washing might miss, thereby extending the life of your rug and keeping it looking pristine.

For busy New Yorkers who desire a spotless home without the hassle, this service provides peace of mind and convenience. Skip the time-consuming task of cleaning your rug yourself and rest easy knowing that professionals are handling it with the same level of care and precision you expect. This service fosters a sense of belonging and trust, knowing your home’s cleanliness is in expert hands.

Customer Testimonials

NYC residents frequently rave about the ease of cleaning Ruggable rugs and the stylish designs that seamlessly integrate into their homes. They love the convenience and practicality Ruggable offers. Here’s what some NYC residents have to say:

  1. Ease of Cleaning: ‘Washing my Ruggable rug at home is a breeze. It saves me so much time and effort.’
  2. Durability: ‘Even in high-traffic areas, my Ruggable rug stands up to daily wear and tear.’
  3. Design Variety: ‘The patterns and colors are beautiful and fit perfectly with my decor.’
  4. Customer Service: ‘Ruggable’s support team is always quick and helpful whenever I have questions.’

These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and sense of belonging among Ruggable users in NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Wash a Ruggable Rug?

Yes, you can really wash a Ruggable rug! Just remove the cover, toss it in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent, then air dry or tumble dry on low heat. It’s that simple!

Can Ruggable Rugs Be Spot Cleaned?

Yes, you can spot clean Ruggable rugs. Just use a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Blot the stain gently, avoid excess water, and let it air dry completely before walking on it again.

Can Ruggable Rugs Be Steam Cleaned?

No, you shouldn’t steam clean Ruggable rugs. The heat and moisture can damage the adhesive backing and Velcro-like surface. Instead, follow Ruggable’s washing instructions for machine washing or spot cleaning to maintain their durability.

Does Pet Urine Come Out of Ruggable?

Yes, pet urine comes out of Ruggable rugs. Just machine wash the cover in cold water with gentle detergent. Prompt action prevents odors and stains, keeping your home clean and inviting for everyone.

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