Oriental Rug Repair

The repair and restoration of Oriental rugs should be done by someone with a passion for doing. Impassioned artists return life back to woven masterpieces. Their beauty is restored, and they will last for generations. A carpet’s aesthetic appearance can be changed for the better with proper restoration that preserves the antique character.

Professional Maintenance

Much like a vehicle, carpets require maintenance to counter normal wear and tear effects. The ends and sides of the rug prevent it from raveling. If the sides or ends weaken, raveling becomes a possibility. Every five years or so, Oriental rugs should be professionally maintained to keep their beauty and become family heirlooms.

People are sometimes concerned that repairing a rug detracts from its value. When the proper weave and old vegetable dyed wool are used, the value is increased. Poorly repaired rugs that use the wrong weave or wool will devalue the rug. That is why professionals should do the job. They know how to care for rugs to maintain their character and originality.

Repair to Sides and Ends

Repairing the ends and sides of rugs is the most common restoration technique. A fragile worn carpet can be amazingly transformed into one that is sturdy and original. The carpet is framed much like an old painting that looks fragile without a proper frame.

Fringe on an Oriental rug serves more than an aesthetic purpose. The fringe protects the integrity of the pile. When fringe is damaged, the knots that make up the rug’s body are endangered. They can loosen and fall without the fringe to guard them.

At least two warp threads form the side cords of most Oriental rugs. They are wrapped with extra woolen binding to act as the rug’s exterior guard. If they are damaged, the cords may break away leaving the pile unprotected.

Other Restoration Needs

Other factors that can damage the pile are fire, continuous traffic, and moths. Moths like the rug’s woolen portion. The pile, weft, and warp of many Oriental rugs are wool. Moths leave holes as they eat through them. Only the pile is damaged if the foundation is cotton. With strong and sound cotton warp and weft, Oriental rug repair can be done.

A variety of mishaps can cause holes in Oriental rugs. Besides moth damage, spilled acids and burns are two common causes. A hole that starts as a small slit will become larger if left unrepaired. The repair should happen as soon as possible. It will be more successful and less expensive.

A hole not repaired in time can become so large that reweaving the foundation and re-knotting the pile is too costly. A patch can be applied by sewing part of a matching handmade rug in the hole. It is a relatively simple process compared to repiling and reweaving. Because each Oriental rug is unique in its color and texture, finding an exact match is nearly impossible.

Repairs are determined on a rug-by-rug basis. Not all rugs are repaired in the same way. Professionals have a variety of options to use. They can visualize and understand the best method for individual carpets.

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