Mattress Stain Removal

Mattress hygiene is necessary for the well-being and health of its users. It can accumulate bacteria, bed bugs, and dust mites over time. Cleaning a mattress is as important as cleaning the rest of the house. People spend 30 percent of their lives in bed. It should be both a comfortable and clean place. Mattress maintenance cleaning is essential. A sanitized mattress can make a difference in the way people sleep and feel.

Dust Mites and Other Pests

Dust mites are not allergy friendly. Dust mite infestation causes most common allergies. Dead skin cells that are shed by pets and humans are food for the miscroscopic dust mites in a mattress. While not disease carriers, they can cause allergic reactions in people allergic to their feces. Each dust mites deposits twenty waste droppings every day. Dust mites and the debris they leave behind can cause the mattress to double its weight in 10 years. Asthmatics can find them to be very problematic. Besides triggering asthma attacks, they can cause depression, fatigue, sore or scratchy throats, sinus and nasal problems, headaches, and red, itchy eyes.
Bed bugs are an entirely different problem. They feed on warm-blooded animals. That includes humans. Bed bugs are small wingless insects that have evolved as parasites that sometimes nest in people’s homes. The bites of bed bugs may result in allergic responses. Lesions produced by the mites are similar to those of fleas and mosquitoes.

Body Fluids

Unfortunately, body fluids are deposited onto mattresses. Moisture in a mattress provides a breeding ground for mildew, mold, bacteria and other fungal spores. When moisture is present, the first step is to blot as much wetness as possible. Using a dry towel, apply pressure to absorb moisture from deep inside. The second step is to call a professional to clean the mattress. A mattress filled with dust mites, germs, and mold can cause health problems that last a long time. A technician knows the proper cleaning solutions and techniques to use.


Dust mites cause a stale smell. Another odor causing agent is cigarette smoke. Cigarette odor is a problem. Even if smokers do not light up in bed, the smoke drifts through the home and lands on furniture and mattresses. The result is a stale smelling pieces of furniture.

Routine Cleaning

Keeping a mattress clean is more than helping one sleep well. It is also a step in maintaining a healthy atmosphere. Cleaning a mattress is as important as cleaning the rest of the house. Mattresses should be flipped every six to eight weeks and vacuumed at that time. All sides and faces should be vacuumed with the hard surface, non-brush attachment on the vacuum hose. This practice will help keep the mattress comfortable and clean.

Professional Cleaning.

The type of stain and the mattress type may require specific techniques to clean properly. Professional mattress cleaners are aware of those facts. Professionals use a treatment procedure that removes and destroys harmful debris such as bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites from the mattress. Required techniques include cleaning, removing odor, neutralizing and drying the mattress.

The procedure is safe and non-invasive. The cleaner has enzymes that are designed especially for the purpose of removing unwanted substances from a mattress. It disinfects the mattress. The medical profession uses a similar allergen and dust mite elimination process.

Mildew and mold seem impossible to clean. It is recommended to replace a mattress that is covered more than 50 percent with mildew or mold. Professionals salvage a mattress having only a small moldy area.
The cleaning process involves inspecting the mattress for trouble spots. A two-step cleaning procedure is used to clean the mattress thoroughly, and have the mattress smelling like new. Technicians use products that protect and deodorize.

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