Carpet Pet Stain/Urine Cleaning

Bringing home a new pet is exciting for most people. Excitement fades when that pet leaves a stain on the carpet. Pets drag in dirt and mud on a daily basis. Those substances are not as difficult to tackle as urine stains.

Damage Caused by Pet Urine

Urine causes severe harm. Urine penetrates carpet fibers and contaminates the carpet backing and the floor beneath it. Pets urinate in the same general area each time they relieve themselves. Odors permeate both cement and wood floors. The tack strip and the framework behind the walls can be affected.
As the liquid from urine evaporates, the crystals left behind become concentrated and more pungent. Bacteria start to grow in affected areas that go untreated for too long. Bacteria lead to odors that are unpleasant.

What to Do When a Pet Leaves a Stain

Many people try to clean carpets on their own, only to realize the futility of their actions. Do remove as much mess as possible. Clean up pet stains as soon as they are noticed. Blot a urine stain with a dry towel. Paper towels help absorb remaining urine. Vacuuming will also extract some of the urine from the carpet.
Quickly wiping with a rag still leaves some urine behind. If allowed to remain on the carpet for a lengthy period, it seeps into carpet fibers and the floor below it. Removing those stains is especially difficult. The liquid evaporates, but odor-causing crystals of urine remain indefinitely. Contacting professionals should be the next step. Carpet cleaning professionals remove the residual substances. All signs of accidents, including stains and odor, are removed.

The Cleaning Process

Technicians examine the damaged area. After determining the severity and source of the odor, the carpet is rinsed with hot water, and moisture is extracted to remove the majority of urine crystals. Stains that are exceptionally large or deep indicate the need to replace the carpet pad. Spot removal tests are run on an area of carpet that will not be visible. The lower layers of carpet receive an application designed to eliminate odors and break down crystals of urine. The cleaning solution is also applied to the carpet backing, baseboards, sub floor, and tack strip. Experts should handle the job. The products have to be applied heavily enough to dampen all affected areas. A special odor blocking shellac is used if necessary.

The Cleaning Products

Products used are specifically formulated for urine odor elimination. Only recently, has a product that effectively removes urine odors been available. Professionals find the odor source and immediately apply the product. The cleaning solution begins to react chemically to destroy urine odors. Even severe urine damage can end in excellent results. Serious urine problems in carpet do require more than a simple cleaning. Major restoration work is needed.

Regardless of how much one loves a pet, he or she wants the carpet to be in like-new condition. Allowing professionals to clean and eradicate pungent odor is the best way to achieve that goal. The amount of damage and the type of rug will determine exactly what needs to be down. Trained technicians know what to do.

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