Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are usually found on tile or hardwood floors. They provide warmth for the feet and a soft place to lie. Heavily trafficked areas can cause area rugs to become dirty quickly. Pets, children, and outdoor weather conditions can be hard on area rugs.

Reasons to Hire Professional Area Rug Cleaners

It may be tempting to clean area rugs on your own. That plan can backfire. Technicians know how to handle delicate area rug fibers. Attempts to clean area rugs without professional help have resulted in damage to rugs. Frequent mistakes include rubbing too hard or using the wrong utensils or cleaning solutions. A costly area rug should not be subjected to those risks.

A gentle, effective approach is required to clean them properly. Every rug cleaning situation differs from others. Whether a rug is an everyday mud blocker or an expensive heirloom, trained technicians know the best products to use. The highly specialized task should not be attempted on one’s own. Ground in dirt, spills, and spots are removed by professionals.

Different rug materials require different cleanings. Rugs are made from polyester, acrylic, wool and more. The make-up of the rug determines how it will be cleaned. Sheepskin rugs are cleaned differently than area rugs made of wool.

Carpet stains are notorious for showing up in high traffic areas. They are caused by a variety of factors that range from regular dirt to spilled drinks. Using the wrong cleaning solution can create a bigger mess. Professionals know the best products to use.

An abundance of pollutants such as bacteria, dust and germs are contained in many area rugs. They build up over time. Professional carpet cleaners can ensure area rugs are treated with care while removing microscopic bacteria.

Techniques and Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment is used by professionals to clean area rugs. A cleaning process that is safe for rugs no matter what style or material is used. A wide variety of styles and construction materials cause cleaning technicians to provide an analysis before work begins.

Equipment technicians also require the proper techniques to apply cleaning solutions and remove the resulting waste. The equipment makes use of a cleaning process that is a revolutionary way of cleaning beautiful area rugs. Some rugs are cleaned in the home. Finer rugs are taken off site. They are subjected to a specialized deep cleaning. The area rug is cleaned with a high-tech process that deep cleans the area rug gently. No damage is caused to the rug. The equipment is a series of specialized equipment that uses an advanced cleaning solution that is gentle, safe and effective.

The Cleaning Process

All toys and furniture are moved off the rug. Loose pet hair and debris are vacuumed from the rug. Analysis of the area rug takes note of high traffic and heavily soiled areas. A suitable cleaning solution is applied to the area rug with a soft bristle brush. A circular motion is used to clean deep down. The proper technique to remove the cleaning solution, dirt and moisture is used. When completed, a protector is applied that is soil and stain resistant.

Area rug cleaning is not an easy process when done properly. Professionals and experts can provide peace of mind. Getting area rugs regularly cleaned maintains their look and feel.

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